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Wright Hand

Who can you call?

When searching for an officiate to make that special day in your life meaningful you want a person with experience, wisdom and patience to be present at your wedding. You want a person with a balanced personality who has dealt with people from all walks of life for a number of years. I am that person. We are called men of God. We are called upon for many reasons. To listen, to care, to be concerned, to be at one's side during days of pain and sorrow and to share your happiest and joyous times which is your wedding day!

Let me help you make that day a beautiful day, by adding to your special event the element of joy and celebration. Last minute weddings with the bride and groom and a few guests can be arranged in a park or outdoor setting of your choice.


The Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches website will give you a clear picture of our Ministries in the United States and foreign countries.

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